[Libreoffice] cleaning definitions about cpu

Matúš Kukan matus.kukan at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 07:55:11 PDT 2011


maybe somebody could do this ?

>>>> 2. Then also somewhere has to be defined architecture for
>>>> rtl/source/macro.hxx, but I could not find where it is for build
>>>>    and may be we need add this to gbuild/platform/*
>>> solenv/inc/settings.mk: CDEFS=-D$(OS)
>> OS is the first part, it's defined also in gbuild but the second part
>> with processor caused trouble.
>> I found -D$(CPUNAME) in settings.mk.
>> That's INTEL for me but there is chaos about this cpu thing.
>> There is also X86 defined in unxlngi.mk.
>> In gbuild/platform/*.mk, somewhere is -D$(CPUNAME) but for
>> linux-INTEL.mk there is -DX86.
>> So my architecture is unsupported in gbuild because macro.hxx is
>> checking for INTEL.
>> Is it possible we need X86 to be defined somewhere. I'd just use
>> -D$(CPUNAME) and no manually added constants.
>> Do we need also CPUNAME and also these constants in platform specific
>> makefiles ?
> Interesting.  ;-)  So, its definitely worth cleaning this mess up, consolidating on a single define, either INTEL or X86.  However, probably a lot of work, and you maybe also need to take care of URE/SDK compatibility.  In any event, I would do that cleanup *before* working on gbuildizing sal.
Hmm, I will just add -D$(CPUNAME) to gbuild for all platforms as it is
now in solenv/inc.
These things are not used so much (sal, vcl, svl, tools, maybe little
more), so would be possible to clean this but I don't feel for doing
this now.


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