[Libreoffice] Platform-specific OUTPATH variables

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at suse.com
Tue Aug 30 00:29:36 PDT 2011

> Then we should only need two build directories:
>   - one for the host binaries
>   - one for the target binaries

Bzzt, you are misunderstanding the GNU autofoo cross-compilation terminology;) (A *very* common trap to fall in...)

In general, in GNU autofoo cross-compilation terminology, there are *three* platforms involved: build, host and target. 

The general case is when building a compiler. Consider buildng a gcc cross-compiler that should run on Windows and produce binaries for Android, and building this cross-compiler on Linux. (This is a real example.) Then build == Linux, host == Windows, target == Android. 

Now, LibreOffice is not a compiler, so for it host == target, and the term "target" should not really be used, as it means the platform a compiler or similar tool "targets".

So what you mean is that we need two build directories: one for the *build* platform binaries, one for the *host* platform binaries. (For instance, with "host" and "build" in their names.)

Sure. That would be a pretty obvious change. It would match the file names Env.Host.sh and Env.Build.sh nicely, too.


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