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Florian Effenberger floeff at documentfoundation.org
Wed Aug 31 04:53:44 PDT 2011


only two more days, and we'll all meet again in Munich! Looking forward 
to that! :-)

Following up on my previous e-mail 
I just wanted to add some more information. If you haven't read the 
first message from August 26th, please do so now, as it contains some 
important information.

Good news: The kind folks from DBI team will sponsor a round of food and 
beverages for all participants, up to 250 €, and they will also attend 
the Hackfest with some of their developers. Thanks a lot for this 
generous support, that is really appreciated! I propose we use their 
donation for Sunday's lunch.

With regards to sleeping at Café Netzwerk and couchsurfing: Initially, 
we only had two or three people booked for Café Netzwerk, so I planned 
to get them to couchsurf instead. However, right now there are seven 
people sleeping at Café Netzwerk, so it will be quite a lot of fun, I 
guess. :-) We have two offers for couchsurfing, up to three or four 
places, and I propose we determine that Friday evening ad hoc, whether 
people prefer the Café or couchsurfing.

I don't know yet whether I will drive home each day (I live in the 
Allgaeu, about 100 km from Munich), or if I will stay at Café Netzwerk. 
If I won't stay, I will give my Café Netzwerk key to one trustworthy 
Hackfest participant. :)

I plan to arrive Friday rather late, since I have a lot of work to do 
before, and I propose we directly meet at the Hackfest venue in the 
LiMux project office at Sonnenstraße. In the evening, we can go out to 
the city, enjoy good Munich food and beer. Probably we should start at 
about eight, to give participants enough time to arrive? The LiMux folks 
told us that they are at the office from 1400 on, so those coming 
earlier can of course already go there.

Those who come later can just call someone (my number is in the 
signature of this e-mail) and we'll tell you where we are.

The LiMux team has reserved two parking lots over the weekend near 
Sonnenstraße that can be used for people who have to transport goods to 
the venue. In case you need one of these parking lots, please contact 
the organizers in advance, as special keys are required.

I guess that's it. :-) Looking forward to meeting everyone! If you have 
any questions, just give me a ping.

Happy hacking,

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