[Libreoffice] Windows (MSVC) incremental build is broken.

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Sun Dec 4 17:03:11 PST 2011


Jan Holesovsky píše v Ne 04. 12. 2011 v 11:44 +0100:

> > If we want beta1 to be better than beta0, we can't require
> > people having to make clean after each edit, and rebuild from scratch
> > (effectively making the fix-test-commit cycle take one day).
> Then again - if we want to have beta1 at all, we have to be able to do
> clean builds ;-)

In the end, I worked that around using this:


I still believe the rewriting of the OUTDIR & friends in BuildDirs.mk is
wrong, and should be avoided, but after trying to unwind that for an
hour, I just gave up, and went the easy way...

Bjoern - if you can sanitize this at some stage, that would be most

Tinderbox restarted, hopefully it will be green in the morning again.


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