[Libreoffice] Naming builds. Please???

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Mon Dec 5 21:19:34 PST 2011

On Mon, Dec 05, 2011 at 06:37:09AM -0800, Pedro wrote:
> Lionel Elie Mamane wrote

>> You may have missed that my "seconds since the epoch" (in my example:
>> 1321480648) is also an age, and has mostly the same properties. It is
>> somewhat longer than your format, since it takes an earlier epoch (the
>> standard Unix epoch, 1 Jan 1970).

>> I don't care strongly which epoch we take; IMHO the Unix epoch is a bit
>> easier to handle since standard tools already know this format, but
>> that's a pretty minor point. <shrug>

> I didn't miss it. But because I'm not a Dev, I'm not sure I understood.

> Do you mean converting the time of extraction from the repositories to a
> linear time?

No, I meant to use the time of the last change made to the
repository. This has the advantage that if two tinderboxes build the
same code at different times, the time will be the same. If someone
builds (for any reason) old code, the time shown will be old, too. And
it does not suffer from race conditions.

My proposition means that for a git sha1 commit id, we will always use
the same time.

For example:

Joe finds a but at time 152
Joe hacks, and fixes the bug at time 187
test, etc
at time 189, Joe commits fix to his local repository
at time 190, Joe tries to push the fix to the central repository at git.freedesktop.org
this fails, since there are new changes in the repo that Joe does not have yet
Joe downloads the new changes (git fetch) from time 192 to 196
Joe rebases (or merges) his changes with the new changes at time 198
Joe successfully pushes his changes to the central repository at time 201

Someone (tinderbox or Joe or another person) downloads the code - up
to the fix by Joe, but with no newer changes - at time 289, builds
from time 291 to 295.

In this example, I want to use time 198. Similarly, if someone sends a
patch to the list, we would use the time that the developer that
pushes the change has committed (or rebased/merged) that patch (to his
local commit.

In this example, your proposition is time 289, right? But then, if
another person downloads the very same code at time 315, the time in
the about box of his/her build will not be the same, while it is
exactly the same code. In my proposition, both builds will have time
198 in the about box.

> If it's based on the last time they were updated wouldn't the value
> be the same if all the repositories were updated at the same time?

Well, AFAIK the repositories are rarely updated (changed) at the same
time. The "help" or "artwork" repositories get far fewer commits than
the core (code) repository/.


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