[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Improved patches for English and Hungarian sentence checking

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 03:25:18 PST 2011

Hi László,*

2011/12/5 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext.org>:
> Hi,
> András Tímár reported some license and commit problems, so here are
> the fixed versions of the patches.
> Thanks,
> László
> 2011/12/5 Németh László <nemeth at numbertext.org>:
>> Hi,
>> These patches add non-intrusive sentence/grammar checking to the
>> English and Hungarian dictionary extensions based on the Lightproof
>> Python environment, see the attached test file/documentation.
>> It uses LibreOffice resources (Hunspell spell checker, Calc functions
>> etc.) for complex tasks: dictionary lookup, morphological analysis or
>> optional measurement conversion.
>> Recent English dictionaries of LibreOffice have contained only partial
>> part-of-speech and morphological data, yet, but extending the
>> dictionary, we will be able to add more complex grammar rules, too
>> (like the Hungarian and French Lightproof based extensions).
>> PDF version of the test file: http://www.numbertext.org/tmp/sentencecheck.pdf,
>> Standalone extensions for testing:
>> http://www.numbertext.org/lightproof/lightproof-en-0.1.oxt,
>> http://www.numbertext.org/lightproof/lightproof-hu_HU-1.4.oxt.

Fixed versions of patched applied cleanly and they did not break the
build. I need some more time to test them locally and to work on
better integration, for example to include the new files into the
localization framework. It looks like a great new feature and I really
would like to have it in beta2. I hope other developers will vote for
this, too, because your patch came a bit late and it missed the
deadline of feature freeze.

You said that the pacthes were non-intrusive, and indeed, they cannot
cause any problems outside their scope (i.e. grammar checking). On the
other hand, if we include these patches, we will have a Python
extension in the default builds, and that could help us to find and to
fix bugs in PyUNO easier.

Best regards,

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