[Libreoffice] Developing new built-in functions within LibreCalc

Lucas Aimaretto laimaretto at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 09:32:43 PST 2011

> > Now, I wouldn't say that we can never include new functions that are
> > not yet specified in the standard, since we still need to continue to
> > push the envelope and add innovative functionality even if that
> > requires extending the ODF format.  OTOH, doing that would come with
> > an overhead of optionally turning off storing that feature to the file
> > because we need to be able to generate documents that are strictly ODF
> > compliant.
> Eike told me on IRC that there is a way to include custom functions in
> ODF documents without making them non-conformant, by putting the
> functions under ORG.LIBREOFFICE namespace.  But he too thinks that for
> this use case, Add-In would be the best approach.

Hello Kohei et al,

Thanks again for your kind information!

Yes, I think I'll first give a try the development of the Add-in. If
that works, then great!. In any case I still have lots to read and
learn. As I said before, I'm very basic at programming and well, it
will take some time -I guess- until I get this add-in to work well
with Calc.

Nevertheless, I hope I can come back to you for any help if needed ... :-)

Many thanks again and BR,


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