[Libreoffice] Call for LO-3.5.0-beta1 pre-tag testing

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Fri Dec 9 15:49:44 PST 2011

Pedro Lino píše v Pá 09. 12. 2011 v 19:07 +0000:
> Hi all
> > could you please do some testing with the last daily builds from the
> > libreoffice-3-5 branch? See below where to get them.
> >
> > It would be great if you replay this mail and describe your feeling.
> > Please mention the git commit IDs from the about dialog from the tested
> > build. We might want to use the tested commit for the beta1 build.
> I have successfully installed build
> 2011-12-09_12.44.50_LibO_3.5.0beta0_Win_x86 under Win XP Pro x86 SP3.
> I am glad to confirm that Bug 42979 - Wrong application icon on the
> MSVC Master is indeed fixed :)
> However, even though the installer correctly uninstalled my existing
> LibO-dev 3.5 build, it created a group named LOdev 3.5 and installed
> into a folder with the same name under %ProgramFiles%.
> This is not a bug but the name change is a bit odd...

It is so-called dev build. We are going to do beta builds this way. It
allows to install these builds in parallel with the final build.

Best Regards,

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