[Libreoffice] Question about VersionInfo resource of Windows executables

Andras Timar timar74 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 05:12:32 PST 2011

Hi Bjoern,

2011/12/12 Bjoern Michaelsen <bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com>:
> Hi,
> On Sun, Dec 11, 2011 at 03:13:42PM +0100, Andras Timar wrote:
>> I was hacking on VersionInfo resource of Windows executables and I
>> noticed that DLLs built with dmake always have this resource, they
>> include solenv/inc/shlinfo.rc. But DLLs built with gmake does not have
>> VersionInfo resource by default. Is this normal? Executables are fully
>> functional without VersionInfo resource, but I think it is useful to
>> have it, because it contains file version, copyright notice etc. I
>> would like to ask, if it is by design, or if it is an undesired
>> omission.
> Well, when I started writing gbuild I did not care to much for the Windows
> specific resource files. However, support for it has been later added with
> the aptly named solenv/gbuild/WinResTarget.mk. Using it to get VersionInfo
> everywhere is possible (it is currently used for example in soffice.bin and
> vcl), but I have no strong opinion about it.

OK, I thought so, thanks for confirming. Can you maybe explain the
specific example, where I had the bug yesterday, i.e. ucbhelper was
the only gbuildified module that tried to make VersionInfo resource
from shlinfo.rc, but only under MinGW, and even there it was not
linked. If I understood this example, it would help me to understand
the whole concept better.


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