[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at suse.com
Thu Dec 15 09:40:27 PST 2011

* Present:
	+ Rainer, Michael Stahl, Christian, Norbert, Cor Nouws,
	  Bjoern, Lionel, Stephan, Eike, Kendy, Caolan, Cedric,
	  Petr, Lubos

* Completed Action Items
	+ create 'lightproof' git repo on freedesktop for Laszlo (Michael)
	+ review pending labels patch if possible (Bjoern)
	+ cherry-pick lightproof to Beta2 (post Beta1) (Andras)
	+ disable gtk3 except in experimental mode (Michael)
	+ add this layout feature into a product build (Cedric)
		+ make it dependent on a getenv() to avoid callcatcher
	+ need to download & install libpostgresql for Mac/Windows (Fridrich)
	+ enable Java 7 in 3.4.5, suck and see in RC1 (Stephan)
	+ add fixing bugassistant to top #10 easy tasks page (Petr)

* Pending Action Items
	+ [slow progress] extract 64bit build hardware from firewall (Kendy / Admins)
	+ [in progress] come up with a list of QA heros (Rainer)
	+ add tinderbox name to build-id (Norbert)
	+ cleanup old test build server directories (Thorsten)
	+ setup linux build system to build gtk3 support by default for this (Michael)
	+ rename VCL API to make it GetBeamerFoo & fix (Michael)
	+ get Rainer setup with git commit access (Michael)
	+ forward access details to Thorsten (Rainer)

* Action Items

* Sexy new type-safe & small printf / format logic (Lubos)
AA:	+ make it clear the SAL_INFO etc. macros are internal only for 3.5 (Stephan)
	+ delay changes strings until LibO 4 ? (Stephan)
	+ not necessarily the printf format; faster without it (Lubos)
	+ just fixing the '+' operator can help too (Lubos)
	+ consensus for inclusion of printf style in master if Lubos wants to do it

* Release Engineering update (Petr)
	+ 3.5.0 B1 is out
		+ first feedback from pre-release: good.
		+ much better than Beta 0 / a promising start
		+ thanks to all that helped
	+ 3.5.0 B2
		+ tag / deadline on Monday
	+ 3.4.5 - tag delayed by two days
		+ builds already on pre-release ftp site,
		  synching to mirrors for announce soon,
		  delay not that large in the end.
		+ branch libreoffice-3-4-5 for this release
	+ most-annoying bugs important for release

* QA - bug hunting sessions (Cor)
	+ not easy to get lots of people involved
	+ bug hunting planned for Wed 28 / Thur 29th of December
	+ another one planned for RC1 Jan Fri 20th / Sat 21th of Jan
	+ promotion on TDF blog / twitter etc.
	+ litmus and random testing

* QA update (Rainer)
	+ spreadsheet advanced filters problems, cf. mail on list
	+ regressions discussions
		+ component_getFactory issue is dominant (Caolan)
			+ presenter console, language crash on popups, etc.
			+ re-asses with fixes in master
		+ planning to publish document
			+ please track that query ...
			+ http://tinyurl.com/7z9ozoc
	+ bug hunting sessions on IRC - joining in with Cor
	+ bugzilla submission assistant - lots of work currently
		+ pending integration of link in the help menu for 3.5
AA:		+ get a permanant re-direction link for bug assistent (Thorsten)
AA:		+ hack up the Help->File bug menu item

QA awesome git bibi fun (Bjoern)
	+ lots of binaries compressed into one git repo
		+ allows bisection to find when it first appeared
	+ 50+ installs into ~750Mb
	+ built every 64th commit on master - 50% succeeded
		+ having bisected - only a ~200 commit range
		+ maybe visible from the git log
	+ is it a universal install (Kendy)
		+ built on a recent Ubuntu, but with internal libs (Bjoern)
	+ tinderbox integration might be good
	+ is there a script to add a package to git ? (Norbert)
		+ script is in dev-tools (Bjoern)
		+ could automate a once-per-day git repo creation
		+ some of the magic is in the re-pack 4Gb -> 750Mb.
	+ Norbert to investigate it working on Mac, will it bloat up
		+ have to copy images, not DMGs

* Mitch / MSI building update (sends his regrets)

* cairo / Fedora 16 etc. version nasty (Michael)
	+ prolly specific to some (non-default) theme
AA:	+ upgrade the internal cairo to latest stable to fix (Fridrich)
	+ could we break things vs. an old system cairo (Petr)

* postgresql bits
AA:	+ add postgresql to 3.5 feature page (Lionel)
AA:	+ checking pg baseline on windows (Fridrich)

* Robust subsequenttests to a third category: tail_build tests (Michael/Stephan)
	+ discuss next time:

* Next time:
	+ skip 22nd and 29th TSC calls unless an emergency strikes
	+ next call: 5th December

* 3.5 most annoying bugs ...
	+ https://bugs.freedesktop.org/showdependencytree.cgi?id=37361&hide_resolved=1

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