[Libreoffice] assertion in SwIndexReg::~SwIndexReg

Michael Stahl mstahl at redhat.com
Fri Dec 16 03:05:07 PST 2011

On 16/12/11 10:52, Stephan Bergmann wrote:
> On 12/15/2011 04:29 PM, Terrence Enger wrote:
>> So, I take it, the helpful question to investigate is the
>> reason why the state of the object violates the
>> expectation--the expectation that the container is empty--
>> that the destructor asserts.  Or, coming from the opposite
>> side of the question, why should the destructor expect the
>> container to be empty by that time?
> Yes.  I would assume that the destructor's expectation is legitimate, 
> and that the code keeping the container non-empty is in error.  But 
> maybe Michael Stahl can tell you more about this; at least, he recently 
> changed that assertion into a true one (aborting the program in a debug 
> build), so looks like he considers the assertion correct, too.

well yes it means that there is some cursor still pointing at the text
node which is just being deleted, and that will certainly cause problems
if somebody later gets the node from the cursor, or moves it.

if you can reproduce it please file an issue.

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