[Libreoffice] Build problems (and some solutions) in Mac OSX

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Tue Dec 20 00:50:55 PST 2011

Anyway, I forgot to say: Welcome to hacking on LibreOffice!

We will try to help you in all ways we can. Especially for Mac OS X,
many of the system APIs used by the code are slightly obsolete, to put
it mildly. It would be very much welcome, if you are a Mac expert, if
you could help in modernising that code. I mean mainly the stuff in
vcl/aqua, which uses APIs that were marked as obsolete already in the
10.4 SDK. (The code won't even compile against the 10.7 SDK because of
that; those APIs are now gone completely from headers. Even if
apparently still present in the 10.7 run-time libraries, as code using
those APIs still works...)

As you probably will find out about it yourself anyway, I will tell
you right away: There is another descendant of the OpenOffice.org
codebase called NeoOffice which is developed only for the Mac, and
they do have (at least based on what they say on their website)
modernised the code a lot. But, they license their changes under the
GPL, which means stuff from their code can't be simply picked to
LibreOffice. So please don't look too closely at their code, if at
all. Reading their textual descriptions of their improvements is fine,


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