[Libreoffice] calc: Re: com.sun.star.container.XNameContainer.removeByName() fails v3.5b0+ (linux)

Markus Mohrhard markus.mohrhard at googlemail.com
Tue Dec 20 13:29:19 PST 2011

Hello Tomas,

2011/12/20 Michael Stahl <mstahl at redhat.com>:

> On 20/12/11 14:52, Tomas Hlavaty wrote:
>> could you please advise me how to build and run the test case?
>> I did:
>> $ cd sc/
>> $ make
>> and it built the tests.
>> It seems to have run something called CHK from the console log, but
>> where can I find the test results?
> the CUT (or JUT) lines announce that a single unit test is being run.
> the output is redirected to a log file, and if the test is successful no
> output is displayed on the terminal.
> if the test fails, then the log file is output to the terminal.
>> How do I run this single test case?
> it seems you can't run this one yet because it isn't actually built with
> a makefile :)

Yes and that was my intention. I made a assumption in the test that
might not be true for every build. I need someone with an non en-US
build and non en-US locale to check that forcing en-US in the test
setup works for sheet names too.

You can use the attached patch and run a normal make in sc. The test
should then be executed as sc_spreadsheetobj. You can find the logfile
for the test at


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