[Libreoffice] [MacOS] Horizontal cursor positioning in justified text

James C james.from.wellington at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 23:56:30 PST 2011

Hello All,

Justified text changes the kerning (space between letters) of words on
a line.  The cursor positioning in writer seems to assume, falsely,
that all of the adjustment happens in the spaces between words.  So
the cursor ends up in the middle of, or on the wrong side of, letters.
 This matters to me because I write texts for a university which
requires justified paragraphs

Test case:
  - start a writer document
    - default font: Times New Roman 12
    - default paper size: A4
  - click "Justified" in the tool-bar
  - type "12345678990 1234567890"
  - type "i" repeatedly until it wraps across the line
  - press return
  - up-arrow to the start of the first line
  - right-arrow slowly, while watching the cursor
    - after nine presses, it is in the middle of the left seven
    - after the eleventh press, it is in the middle of the right four

Expected result:
  - the cursor should get to the right edge of the left 0, and then
move to the left edge of the right 1

  - is anybody currently working on this?  (If so, they should
continue, and I should work on something else.)

  - does anybody have hints, for where I should start reading the code?
    (I suspect pango, in which case I may end up trying to push
changes to them; are they receptive?)

  - if I start working on this, should I record a bug?

My configuration:
 - MacOS 10.6.8
 - Macbook 8.1 (Intel)
 - libreoffice-3-5 branch, as of sometime yesterday
 - plus some changes to cause buildability


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