[Libreoffice] about insert in tool bar in the writer

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Tue Dec 27 07:14:32 PST 2011


胡其图 píše v Ne 25. 12. 2011 v 20:40 +0800:

> I added a top-down left-right button  in toolbar (called .uno
> VerticalTextL2R), and add it to the model Presentation and Drawing
> successfully but failed in Writer.
> I know to add a  button, first modify some xml file, and I did it
> these model and worked, and then add some function in .sdi file, that
> handle the button events, but I can't find where the Writer's function
> to be added(I have finded the sdi file to sd and sc).
> please give me some advice or tell me who can help me?

It would be best if you attached the code you have so far [of course if
you can do that] - that makes it much easier to see what is wrong.

Either way, the Writer's .sdi files are in sw/sdi/; you probably want 
sw/sdi/_textsh.sdi .

For some inspiration, I think you might want to have a look at the
patches in



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