[Libreoffice] leak per frame, mac input request.

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Tue Feb 1 03:47:31 PST 2011

So, after clearing up a pile of circular ownership things to clear out
deadwood blocking valgrind from telling me what I wanted to know I
tracked down a a leak in framework/source/services/frame.cxx where for
each frame we do a new WindowCommandDispatch, and the comment claims
that the WindowCommandDispatch will release itself at frame destruction.

It doesn't of course, its implemented as a uno XEventListener but
doesn't register itself as a uno listener to the frame to even have a
chance of doing the right thing. It itself registers itself as a vcl
listener to the frame, and doesn't delete itself on OBJ_DYING.

So, I could remove the XEventListener foo, add a delete this on
OBJ_DYING to remove the leak.

My open question though, is it that this WindowCommandDispatch exists
apparently do bind some mac "About" and "Preferences" events to do the
right thing on that platform. What's special about About/Preferences in
Mac ?, and does it currently work correctly ?, i.e. its worth fixing
this rather than removing it entirely.


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