[Libreoffice] over-long extensions manager list ...

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Tue Feb 1 14:15:46 PST 2011

> British English? What's that? THERE'S NO SUCH THING!

> English is spoken [...] speak Scots [...] speaks Gaelic [...] speak Welsh.

I was not talking about spoken language. It will take a few years before LibreOffice can be used for dictionary checking of spoken language.

Your message  perfectly shows the kind of emotions languages can evoke.

> "all dictionaries", "all dictionaries for your country",
> "choose from all dictionaries", "choose from all dictionaries for your
> country".

That would get quite complicated.

I am sure some people could be annoyed also by being reminded that there are languages spoken in their country that they perhaps consider leftovers from invaders and not real language of their country. Or the other way around, people feeling they belong to an oppressed linguistic minority would complain if a dictionary of their language isn't installed even if they choose "all dictionaries for your country". 

Surely we want to avoid stepping into such a minefield.


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