[Libreoffice] LibreOffice default UI font need to be changed

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I agree completely with you and learn a lot from you detail explanation.
Next I'd need a bit of advice to fix the bug I've mentioned.

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> > On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 9:59 PM, Christian Lohmaier
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> >>> [VCL.xcu / list of default fonts and fallback]
> >> When there are issues "cross-locale", then raise them. It is not that
> >> the list didn't change since the beginning of the OOo project.
> > If I understand the OP correctly, he wants LibO to
> > 1. Handle different languages on different locales.
> This is already done.

I'd like to explain a bit about our (Thai) situation. Thai users may use
en_US or th_TH for UI locale to get English menu and translated menu
respectively. Normally, en_US are used for most users. The UI font
replacement list based on locale seem to assume that for en_US UI locale,
only Western characters will be in the UI. However, UI font isn't only used
for static text in menu and dialog box. But also for user text in File >
Property > Description text boxes, File > Recent Documents filename list,
and Calc formula bar. For user/editable text like these, they could be in
any languages - Western, CTL, CJK.

So with this (user text) in mind, the higher-priority font in UI font list
should have good glyph coverage. For example (I know little about fonts),
Tahoma or Microsoft Sans Serif in Windows. So I imagine replacing Andale UI
with Tahoma (or better default) in the list.

Having default with good glyph coverage is a good thing. However, LibO
itself should display any multi-lingual text correctly if glyph fallback
work correctly. But as you can see in the bug we've submitted :
Glyph fallback for *CTL* text in *Windows* is currently broken but
*"only"*for UI text rendering, not for text in the document. It used
to work in
older versions. This is the part that we'd like to fix. Can you give as a
clue about where should we look in the VCL source?


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