[Libreoffice] A possible future for LO help/lang packs?

Martin Srebotnjak miles at filmsi.net
Mon Feb 7 03:37:46 PST 2011

just thinking loud (hope it is not too loud): is it possible to* make help
packs into extensions* (oxt files)? Could this also be done with the

The benefits:
- *smaller file size*: extensions are great, because they are not
executables and all the execution/installation code already lies within
- *lower cost of building/hosting*: a help pack would need to be built just
once for all supported (and unsupported) operating systems;
- *user-friendly*: a help pack can be dropped onto Extension Manager,
double-clicked etc. It can also be downloaded at the last phase of the
installation process with an installer on Windows and Linux etc. (an
installer downloading and running another installer seems not so nice).
- *localizer-friendly*: maybe Pootle server could be extended to generate
helppacks (langpacks) daily/weekly or by demand - for testing purposes as
well as for the release purposes;

The drawbacks:
- the extension framework maybe needs to be extended a bit to support help
installation via extensions (but if needed at all that seems a reasonable
investment to me, not knowing how much work that would present :) );

Lp, m.
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