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Hi OP and Kohei-san,

FYI, consider this as a nasty hack or a bug?

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Date: 2011/2/7
Subject: [tdf-discuss] Problem with linking external sheets in CALC
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I have linked to file1.ods another file2.xls sheet named RATES
and have a lot of formulas using the RATES cells.
Now the name RATES in the file2.xls changed to SHEET1 and the links
are broken (caused by exporting data in xls format from some other
There is a way to change the filename but not the sheetname.

I solved it by this complicated way:
1) rename the file file1.ods to file1.zip
2) unzip file1.zip to the folder "file1"
3) manualy edit the content.xml file in the folder "file1: - find the
proper "xlink" tag and change "RATES" into "SHEET1"
4) zip the folder to FILE1.zip
5) rename FILE1.zip to FILE1.ods

When linking the file for the very 1st time and more sheets are found
in the linked file, the system asks which sheet is to be linked.
This should be asked when changing the name of the linked file, too.

Is there any faster way how to update these broken links?
Or could someone to make a sugestion to the developers to fix it - my
English is not good enough to explain the problem better :)

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