[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Get rid of SvBytes/SvSvULongs in SwUndoDelNum

Nigel Hawkins n.hawkins at gmx.com
Mon Feb 7 06:33:05 PST 2011

Hi Andrey,

> This is my first patch to LibreOffice so I'd be grateful for feedback on any 
> issues.

Oddly enough, I was looking at this the other day but didn't get round
to submitting a patch because I couldn't get sw to compile (for totally
unrelated reasons). My changes were almost identical to yours, though I
have one suggestion.

Changing to a std::pair means we go from descriptively named items
(aNodeIdx and aLevels) to the generic first/second. Which is less clear
to the reader. Can I suggest you either:

A) Add a comment above the SvNode definition to say (very briefly) what
the ULONG and int are used for.


B) Define a local class/struct instead of the pair with more descriptive
names for the elements.


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