[Libreoffice] Supported arches

Thomas Arnhold thomas at arnhold.org
Tue Feb 15 09:14:36 PST 2011


i stumbled across some precompiler checks for several (deprecated?) arches:

HP9000 (already removed some parts of this)

And another thing, in combination with GCC: "C272" (occurs with GCC)
i.e. at impress/sd/source/ui/view/zoomlist.cxx:#if ( defined GCC &&
defined C272 ) . Doesn't look that this is set anymore.

There is a full list of this stuff at bootstrap/solenv/bin/modules/osarch.pm

My question: Is there a official list of supported hardware platforms or
operating systems? I think we should remove this old stuff, because
nearly nobody compiles and runs LibO on this systems - if they are in
use anymore.


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