[Libreoffice] Question concerning comment / translation

Christina Roßmanith ChrRossmanith at web.de
Wed Feb 16 13:44:32 PST 2011


is the output of DBG_ASSERT read? Might it be useful to focus 
translation work to German strings used in DBG_ASSERT calls? Or might it 
be useful to have a list of files which are more interesting to 
translate than others ("Request for translation of comments", somewhere 
in the wiki)?

I came across a comment in ure/sal/inc/osl/file.hxx

         E_invalidError = osl_File_E_invalidError,    /* unmapped error: 
always last entry in enum! */
         E_TIMEDOUT     = osl_File_E_TIMEDOUT,
         E_NETWORK      = osl_File_E_NETWORK

Either the comment is nonsense or E_TIMEDOUT and E_NETWORK are placed 
badly within that enum. But I can't decide that.

Christina Rossmanith

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