[Libreoffice] It's not a dev topic, but please read it.

kayo.hamid at gekkolinux.com.br kayo.hamid at gekkolinux.com.br
Thu Feb 17 17:56:01 PST 2011

 Hey dev's, I have some information to show, sorry about the off-topic, 

 We have, in Brazil, one institute without funds that work to 
 'represent' the community, the name of this institute is what you known 
 be BrOffice.

 But after some things happended, $$$$$, this guys want to command and 
 conquer the community, us, and not help us anymore. They want all for 
 make money.

 So, for everyone, we, the brazilian community, are not more part of the 
 BrOffice. It's sad, but BrOffice do not represent us anymore.

 We will give some more explanation in the future. For now I just want 
 to alert us about this. It´s sad thing what happened ;/


 ps: for sure I will be attacked because of it.

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