[Libreoffice] Easy Hacks: Migrate module descriptions to our wiki

Andrea Pescetti pescetti at openoffice.org
Sat Feb 19 04:58:01 PST 2011

Michael Meeks wrote:
> On Sun, 2011-02-13 at 21:45 +0100, Christoph Herzog wrote:
> [...]
> Since the licensing terms of future contribtuons by Sun / Oracle is not
> that clear, I would prefer to avoid re-using that work verbatim.

What's preventing reuse of content from the OpenOffice.org wiki? It's a
genuine question, we might want to copy texts or technical information
from it and we would face the same problem you describe here.

Indeed, the problem to me seems to lie more in the past than the future
is rather unclear and
makes it even more complex.

> > And in this context: Can some text from other parts of the OOo Wiki be 
> > copied and pasted?
> 	In a word; no - not unless it is fair use, or written by a friendly,
> non-Oracle contributor [ at least, that is my take ].

These constraints cannot be verified quickly (finding out whether a
contributor is "friendly" or whether someone was an Oracle employee at
the moment he contributed seems hard and subjective), so I guess the
outcome is that we shouldn't rely on copying texts from the
OpenOffice.org wiki at all.


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