[Libreoffice] [PATCHSET] Translate german code-comments

Martin Kepplinger martinkepplinger at eml.cc
Sun Feb 20 15:20:36 PST 2011

This translates the remaining code-comments of the 
writer/sw/source/ui/app directory from german to english.

The approach here is to do this once and for all. I didn't leave
any german comments I could find. I did my best to preserve all 
the information. But I _don't_ have semantical insight or experience
with the writer-code. There *were* (not many) comments where I was
not 100% certain of what they actually said. I just translated them
anyways. So, although it might not be a too critical issue when some
word ended up chosen wrongly here, I call for _review_ (if possible)!

I hope this helps the writer-code to get picked up by even more people
(what would hopefully make up for any possible loss of information)
and I move on to the next directory in writer/sw/source/ui.


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