[Libreoffice] Branch libreoffice-3-3-1 created

Jan Holesovsky kendy at suse.cz
Mon Feb 21 06:45:22 PST 2011

Hi Hanno,

On 2011-02-19 at 11:27 +0100, Hanno Meyer-Thurow wrote:

> it looks like the following rules ...
> > stabilization of the 3.3.1, called 'libreoffice-3-3-1'.  It is not based
> > 
> > The following rules apply:
> >         + any commit has to be reviewed by 3 people
> > 
> > The 'libreoffice-3-3' branch is still active, will be used for the next
> > 
> >         + any commit needs review by 1 person
> should not be applied for distro-only related hacks in the
> libreoffice/build branches. Noone really cared about the patch
> I sent, although it is obviously safe - removing cruft.

Sorry for being unclear in the announcement mail.  Indeed, the 'build'
repo is an exception, and the distro maintainers are free to commit
whatever they need for their own distros, you only need to make sure you
are not breaking the distros of others.

> At least Caolan merged it into master.
> And I want to squeeze out the remaining patches, so that all the
> Gentoo related patches will be gone or merged into master.

Sounds great :-)


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