[Libreoffice] Branch libreoffice-3-3-1 created

Hanno Meyer-Thurow h.mth at web.de
Mon Feb 21 09:47:23 PST 2011

On Mon, 21 Feb 2011 15:45:22 +0100
Jan Holesovsky <kendy at suse.cz> wrote:

> Hi Hanno,

Hi Jan,
hi Andreas,

> Sorry for being unclear in the announcement mail.  Indeed, the 'build'
> repo is an exception, and the distro maintainers are free to commit
> whatever they need for their own distros, you only need to make sure you
> are not breaking the distros of others.

ah, okay, so I will commit my patch to branch libreoffice-3-3.

You may merge it to the "subbranches" (3-3-1, ...) if you want.

> > And I want to squeeze out the remaining patches, so that all the
> > Gentoo related patches will be gone or merged into master.
> Sounds great :-)

There are four left that may need to be discussed, or not.
I will send them to mailing-list and wait a week for answers
before committing.

> Regards,
> Kendy


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