[Libreoffice] Feature Request / How to solve the issue on my own ?

Chynte chynte at googlemail.com
Tue Feb 22 11:28:06 PST 2011

Hi devs,

I miss 2 things in any presentation software I know:
1. In Impress I would like to have "Table of Contents" and "alphabetical 
Index" as it is so nicely made in Writer.
2. "Custom slide show" is a nice feature, but when working with a 
customized slide show, the page numbering is still the one of the 
complete slide show. So it could happen, that after slide 2 the slide 9 

After digging around, I think, I should be able to program the 
neededfeatures (ToC, slide numbers matching custom slide show) on my own.
I would prefer to use Python and PyUNO for this.

Before I start, I would like to ask the list for giving me feedback for 
thefollowing questions:
1. For generating a ToC I need to store somewhere, if the title 
shouldappear in the ToC or not.
Where can I store this information?I found the "Description" and the 
"Name" tags I could use but I fear, thatthis will interact with other 
software also using these tags...

2. Maybe I want to add also an alphabetical Index linking to the 
mostimportant keywords at the end of the presentation (people will geta 
printed version of the slide show).
Where can I store the information, that a specific word should appear 
inthis Index? You know I see problem with using "Description" and "Name" 
For an index it is again more complicate since a word itself has 
no"Description" tag.Using the "Description" tag of the object, in which 
the text appears, givesthe problem, that deleting the text does not 
automatically delete the entry
--> How can I detect in that case, that the word is deleted except doing 
arescan all the time?

3. Is Python/PyUNO the good choice for programming this feature in Impress?
Can you give me Pro´s and Con´s?

4. What´s about the needed skills? Do you think, this project is 
feasiblefor someone who made up to now only very small standalone apps 
"just forfun" in Python?

Thanks for your remarks


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