[Libreoffice] Feature Request / How to solve the issue on my own ?

Thorsten Behrens thb at documentfoundation.org
Fri Feb 25 02:04:45 PST 2011

Chynte wrote:
> 1. For generating a ToC I need to store somewhere, if the title
> shouldappear in the ToC or not.
> Where can I store this information?I found the "Description" and the
> "Name" tags I could use but I fear, thatthis will interact with
> other software also using these tags...
I'd use Description first, and maybe later try alien attributes
http://xml.openoffice.org/faq.html#5 - though currently not sure
whether those really work in Impress. ;)

> Where can I store the information, that a specific word should
> appear inthis Index? You know I see problem with using "Description"
> and "Name" tags.
Well, the main extension points for ODF are alien attributes and RDF
- support for both is kinda there in LibO, but with a bunch of rough
edges. Conversely, it's relatively trivial to add new attributes in
the core code - so you might ponder hacking the core. It's actually
fun. :)

> 3. Is Python/PyUNO the good choice for programming this feature in Impress?
> Can you give me Pro´s and Con´s?
See above - you cannot easily extend the LibO core code. Otherwise,
for doing nice extensions, it's not a bad choice either.

> 4. What´s about the needed skills? Do you think, this project is
> feasiblefor someone who made up to now only very small standalone
> apps "just forfun" in Python?
If you're motivated to hack on that, sure - you'll learn a lot that
way, probably.


-- Thorsten
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