[Libreoffice] Question about the debian-files of LibreOffice 3.3.1

Rene Engelhard rene at debian.org
Mon Feb 28 10:55:00 PST 2011

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 03:33:57PM +0100, Axel Reimer wrote:
>    Hello,
>    I had a look at the debian packages of LibreOffice 3.3.1 and I recognized
>    that all version numbers changed from 3.3.0-19 to 3.3.1-19.

Those are not the debian packages of LibreOffice 3.3.1. It's .deb files, yes,

>    But there is one package libreoffice3-ure which had the version number
>    1.7.0-19 in LO 3.3.0 and still has the number 1.7.0-19 in LO 3.3.1. But:
>    the MD5SUM of the package has changed!
>    The problem is: When LibreOffice is installed via a repository, the
>    package managers do not recognize that a new version is available.

This isn't true afair, apt will notice and install the new one. It at least does
in some cases. But even if not, there's no repository either way so you need to
install using dpkg -i either way, and that one doesn't care :)

>    Is this a small issue in the 3.3.1 deb-packages or is planned that the
>    version number of URE does not change?

That issue ic caused by using the "build version" as debian revision. As that one
didn't change and won't change in the near future I guess...

>    If this is an issue: What will be the version number of the URE package in
>    3.3.2?

... I'd guess this will be still 1.7.0-19 also in 3.3.2.


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