[Libreoffice] segfault in libqa_unit.so test

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Thu Jan 6 14:07:19 PST 2011

On Thu, 2011-01-06 at 22:44 +0100, Thomas Klausner wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 04, 2011 at 03:01:53PM +0000, Caolán McNamara wrote:
> > One horrific temporary hack to test a theory would be to call _exit to
> > skip calling the massive dtor chain which OOo builds up. Though that's
> > not a cure, just a temp hack, but maybe it'll help isolate this.
> I'm confused why, but with this patch applied, I get failure much
> earlier.

Unrelated I feel.
> Making:    test_tools.so
> ../unxbsdx3.pro/slo/test_reversemap.o: In function `(anonymous namespace)::Test::testEncoding(unsigned short)':
> test_reversemap.cxx:(.text+0x3f0): undefined reference to `getBestMSEncodingByChar(unsigned short)'
> dmake:  Error code 1, while making '../unxbsdx3.pro/lib/test_tools.so'
> Forcing regeneration of dependency info

export VERBOSE=true here to get the command lines used.

fiddle with the equivalent of 

nm -D ../unxbsdx3.pro/lib/libtl*so | c++filt|grep getBest 
to see if the symbol in in libtl*.so like it should be to help find out
if we're linking against the right libtl locally e.g. as opposed to the
one inside the solver.

If its not then see if ../unxbsdx3.pro/bin/bestreversemap exists, and
see if ../unxbsdx3.pro/inc/reversemap.hxx exists with
getBestMSEncodingByChar inside it. That reversemap.hxx should be
generated by bestreversemap and included by source/string/reversemap.cxx
and built into the libtl.so

My *guess* is that for some reason ../unxbsdx3.pro/inc/reversemap.hxx
exists but is empty. Is that the case ?


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