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Peter Jentsch pjotr at guineapics.de
Thu Jan 13 00:33:49 PST 2011

Hi Jos,

I really only replaced the implementation of the flat format filter with a lightweight version the requires neither Java nor Xslt. I didn't  look at what the Odf specification says about flat XML, so I can't tell you inhowfar the exported XML conforms to the spec. But in principle, the whole XML filter infrastructure in LibO is internally based on some kind of flat XML structure, so there shouldn't be anything missing from the documents.

The conversion back and forth is only insofar easy to share with other applications as LibO provides an API to importing and exporting documents. The filters depend on the LibO XML filter infrastructure an cannot be used independently of that. 

The changes I made are currently on their way to the "master" branch and might become available with LibO 3.4. 

Does that answer your question?



Am 12.01.2011 um 09:15 schrieb Jos van den Oever <jos.van.den.oever at kogmbh.com>:

> Hello Peter,
> I read that you de-java-ized the flat XML ODF export. Could you tell met what 
> the status of flat xml import/export is in LibreOffice? I really like the choice 
> for the flat format and would think it excellent if that can be added to other 
> software as well. Is the conversion back and forth easy to share with other 
> applications?
> Cheers,
> Jos
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