[Libreoffice] Patch review

Petr Mladek pmladek at suse.cz
Thu Jan 13 10:01:24 PST 2011

Kohei Yoshida píše v Čt 13. 01. 2011 v 11:38 -0500:
> Hi there,
> The attached patches revert the recent two commits which consist of the
> merging of OOo330-m19 changes.
> It fixed i#115906 and i#116164, but the fix for i#116164 unfortunately
> was pretty large and invasive, plus it introduced a regression as
> reported in i#116439 of OOo bug tracker.
> It is my opinion that, since these fixes don't fit *our* blocker
> criteria, plus the change is too large to be in RC, reverting them will
> be our best option.
> The master branch already contains these fixes, and we'll work on fixing
> any remaining issues in that branch.
> Anyway, review and sign-off appreciated.

Looks fine. I checked:

	+ the patches are complete and exact revert of the
          problematic committs
	+ build succeeded
	+ runtime test confirmed that it fixed i#116439 (was able
          to reproduce it with the plain rc3 build)

Best Regards,

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