[Libreoffice] debug build fails because graphite ./configure not up to date

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Fri Jan 14 15:43:13 PST 2011


A build with --enable-debug (or is it --enable-dbgutil?) fails in
graphite... for a problem already corrected in graphite's
configure.ac, but its "configure" is outdated and thus the problem
still surfaces.

The problem is that graphite does not build with -Werror in debug
mode; one of the least fixable reasons is that it uses asserts left
and right, asserts are *designed* to always be true, sometimes gcc
detects that they are (e.g. when comparing an unsigned integer type
with 0), this raises a warning that gets treated as error because of

graphite's configure puts -Werror in CFLAGS when passed
--enable-debug; its configure.ac does not, so all I had to do was to
run autoconf.

Before I got to the point of trying to disable -Werror (and
understanding why it was enabled in the first place), I fixed one of
the warnings. Patch attached, still does not hurt to apply janitorialy

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