[Libreoffice] [PATCH] Cppcheck cleaning on oox

Julien Nabet serval2412 at yahoo.fr
Sun Jan 16 13:00:47 PST 2011


Here is a patch for some cppcheck cleaning on oox

In the file :
in the line 930, there is this function
void EffectFormatter::convertFormatting( PropertySet& /*rPropSet*/, 
const ModelRef< Shape >& /*rxShapeProp*/, sal_Int32 /*nSeriesIdx*/ ) const
the declaration of this function is line 662 :
     /** Converts effect formatting to the passed property set. */
     void                convertFormatting(
                             PropertySet& rPropSet,
                             const ModelRef< Shape >& rxShapeProp,
                             sal_Int32 nSeriesIdx ) const;

Does this function do something or should it be implemented (or just 
simply remove it) ?

(LGPLv3+ / MPL)

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