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Hi ,

First of all Thank you so much for these wonderful comments+Feedback. It is
always good to see people make comments on your work whether those are in
negative side or positive side .Thanks again ! Really appreciate that .


Yes Wols,I understand that fact very well. As you mentioned this can be
consider as an external piece of code which can be integrated if someone
likes. Anyway I am eagerly looking forward to contribute in the main code
base too .


Thanks for your feedback Christoph


Thanks for the comment Dave.Actually this extension involves accessing
file-systems and some hardware features like web-cam.So I'm in the process
of converting those code segments in to their linux version at the moment.
Will be looking forward to do the same thing for a MAC :)


  Thanks a zillion for that extended reply Micheal .Actually after doing a
minor adjustment ,this extension can be easily integrated in to calc or even
to draw. The adjustment is ,you have to change the code segment which you
use to place the edited image on the document .At the momnet it only detects
a Text-document. I will be working on that soon .

 If anyone interested I referred the *code
by albertoo
on OO forums when implementing the above task .Thanks again for your comment

@Laurent and Fernand

Thanks a lot for your comments :)

On Tue, Jan 18, 2011 at 5:23 PM, Fernand Vanrie <sos at pmgroup.be> wrote:

> Michael,
> I agree with your comments, specialy to make this tool available to other
> than Writer.
> But can you have a look at a important OO and LO 's weakness: there is no
> way to make some "Print Intentions" par Document. When placing a Graphic, we
> need to know what resolution is needed to reproduce a grahic on a certain
> device(screen laserprinting, offset tect...). Actual, OO and alsoo LO got
> this information from the GraphicFileHeader, what is  wrong concept, the
> author of a graphic or picture do not know under what conditions his work
> will been shown or printed.
> So we need to set par Document this Printer Intentions, and i do not know
> if this properties can been placed in the ODF format ?
> Greetz
> Fernand
>  Hi Lakmal,
>> On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 02:32 +0530, lakmal padmakumara wrote:
>>> I'm engaging in developing an extension(OXT) for writer
>>> which allows users to
>>        Wow :-) there are some great features here - and lots of good work.
>> I
>> love the effort you've put in :-)
>>        Personally - (as other people have mentioned) - I would love to
>> have
>> much of this functionality integrated into every LibreOffice copy we
>> ship. We have a number of these features already present in the
>> 'Picture' dialog in writer (crop, flip and so on) - but these are not
>> present in calc and draw/impress (as far as I recall) which is sad.
>>      * Download images to the app directly from Flickr.com
>>        This is sweet :-) there was a chunk of work done by a GSOC student,
>> that needs completing around the gallery - to allow clipart images to be
>> downloaded; and I suspect that this integration would build on top of
>> that really nicely: are you interested in helping to complete and expand
>> that work ?
>>  You need Java Run Time (JRE) in order to use this product
>>        And of course; we'd tend to prefer things written in C++, and
>> integrated into the core (as has been discussed).
>>  As this is my first step towards this wonderful and giant Open source
>>> developing community ,I will be really glad if you can hit me back
>>> with any feed backs .Please comment on the above pages mentioning any
>>> drawbacks/bugs/improvements .
>>        So - first - be encouraged :-) it looks like a fun extension to
>> have
>> written, and a testament to your progamming skill. Of course, from a
>> user-experience perspective, I think we want to focus on improving the
>> integrated feature set, rather than providing (better) duplicates
>> outside - having two ways to do everything: one better, one worse in the
>> product just confuses people :-)
>>        Thanks !
>>                Michael.
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