[Libreoffice] An image editing extension for writer

Fernand Vanrie sos at pmgroup.be
Tue Jan 18 03:53:11 PST 2011


I agree with your comments, specialy to make this tool available to 
other than Writer.
But can you have a look at a important OO and LO 's weakness: there is 
no way to make some "Print Intentions" par Document. When placing a 
Graphic, we need to know what resolution is needed to reproduce a grahic 
on a certain device(screen laserprinting, offset tect...). Actual, OO 
and alsoo LO got this information from the GraphicFileHeader, what is  
wrong concept, the author of a graphic or picture do not know under what 
conditions his work will been shown or printed.
So we need to set par Document this Printer Intentions, and i do not 
know if this properties can been placed in the ODF format ?


> Hi Lakmal,
> On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 02:32 +0530, lakmal padmakumara wrote:
>> I'm engaging in developing an extension(OXT) for writer
>> which allows users to
> 	Wow :-) there are some great features here - and lots of good work. I
> love the effort you've put in :-)
> 	Personally - (as other people have mentioned) - I would love to have
> much of this functionality integrated into every LibreOffice copy we
> ship. We have a number of these features already present in the
> 'Picture' dialog in writer (crop, flip and so on) - but these are not
> present in calc and draw/impress (as far as I recall) which is sad.
>>      * Download images to the app directly from Flickr.com
> 	This is sweet :-) there was a chunk of work done by a GSOC student,
> that needs completing around the gallery - to allow clipart images to be
> downloaded; and I suspect that this integration would build on top of
> that really nicely: are you interested in helping to complete and expand
> that work ?
>> You need Java Run Time (JRE) in order to use this product
> 	And of course; we'd tend to prefer things written in C++, and
> integrated into the core (as has been discussed).
>> As this is my first step towards this wonderful and giant Open source
>> developing community ,I will be really glad if you can hit me back
>> with any feed backs .Please comment on the above pages mentioning any
>> drawbacks/bugs/improvements .
> 	So - first - be encouraged :-) it looks like a fun extension to have
> written, and a testament to your progamming skill. Of course, from a
> user-experience perspective, I think we want to focus on improving the
> integrated feature set, rather than providing (better) duplicates
> outside - having two ways to do everything: one better, one worse in the
> product just confuses people :-)
> 	Thanks !
> 		Michael.

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