[Libreoffice] Bug in bulleted/numbered list functions

Arno Teigseth arnotixe at gmail.com
Sat Jan 22 17:38:58 PST 2011


If you have a paragraph with some formatted text (bold, italic etc), put
the cursor inside the paragraph and press the Bullet list or the
Numbered list buttons, all the formatting is lost and goes back to
"normal" (is it called roman?). The 
-character style and 
-size is left untouched, just bold and italics disappear. 
-Underline survives.

Now, if you /select the whole paragraph/ before clicking bullet/numbered
list, then the formatting is kept just fine.

all this on
LibreOffice 3.3.0 
OOO330m19 (Build:5)
tag libreoffice-
on ubuntu linux 9.10

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