[Libreoffice] unit tests and DT_RPATH/DT_RUNPATH ?

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Wed Jan 26 08:52:36 PST 2011

So, I added a unit test for fdo#31271 and I see a little wrinkle with
out rpath stuff.

We set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to something like
to try and pick up the just-built library for testing purposes.

But when testing a uno component like i18npool.uno.so we dlopen it
through some intermediate libraries in /path/to/solver/lib and the
LD_LIBRARY_PATH is apparently not checked before the DT_RPATH in that
case, the intermediate libs DT_RPATH is used instead so the
i18npool.uno.so from /path/to/solver/lib is tested.

That's not quite what we want. So, the attached sets DT_RUNPATH which
does what we want, i.e. LD_LIBRARY_PATH override the rpath in that case.

Anyone see anything that could go wrong with doing this :-) ?

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