[Libreoffice] In need of windows packaging team...

Markus Stenzel m.stenzel at hostingundservice.de
Sat Jan 29 05:44:46 PST 2011

Hi all,


can anyone please send me contact information of the Windows packaging team? And just in case they’re reading this list:


I’m badly in need of a smaller setup supporting German language (only) for inclusion on a free tool CD aimed at students, the CD ‘OpenSource im Studium’[1]. I have tried fiddling around with the setup using a Microsoft tool but this of course only results in a defective setup with a broken signature. J


The CD is already filled with important tools and there is only 153 MB left for LO.


And no, DVD and links to the download page is not an option. Also removing other tools is not an option as well. J


[1]  <http://www.hostingundservice.de/opensource-im-studium/> http://www.hostingundservice.de/opensource-im-studium/



  Markus Stenzel

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