[Libreoffice] In need of windows packaging team...

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Sat Jan 29 11:23:54 PST 2011

I am not on the Windows packaging team (but some of my colleagues are), and I can't reply for them. I think some hairy political issues are involved, my personal opinions below...

I think a problem here is that if the packaging team would agree to provide you with such a German-only build, people using all other languages would have the same right to ask for one too. And such requests would drop in, one after one, for more or less similar reasons as you cite.

Having a multi-lingual installer frees us from building and distributing a complete set of single-language installers, which would take significantly more mirror disk space, longer time to upload and propagate to mirrors, etc.

So probably you will need to find some volunteer (or paid consultant) to do such a build for you...

It might even be relatively simple to manipulate our multi-lingual installer: remove unneeded files from the CAB file and modify the MSI database file accordingly, and this way construct a single-language installer? Somebody with the necessary skills could do just that and not have to actually build LibreOffice. The binaries would be identical to what we ship, which would be a plus.

Or should we have some policy that we do provide such single-language installers, but not to random individuals who ask for them, and not on the web (mirrors), but only on request to bona fide mass re-distributors? Where should we then draw the limit, how many copies does one have to be re-distributing to count as a such? 


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