[Libreoffice] MS-Windows : about dictionaries installation

Tor Lillqvist tlillqvist at novell.com
Sun Jan 30 01:49:55 PST 2011

> Is it a bug or a feature ?

It is a feature until somebody provides working code to do otherwise, and explains why it is better.

It is an useful feature, even. See below.

Are you suggesting that we should automatically in a de-select the writing aids for languages that don't get the UI installed? That might sounds sensible at first, but is actually rather naïve.

These scenarios are very common, I think:

1) People use the UI in English because localisation to their own language sounds just weird to them, or is downright buggy, but still want to edit documents written in their own language, and that language is one that has a dictionary included in the installer.

2) People use the UI in their own language but still want to edit documents in a foreign language they are learning, or use in their work, and that language is one that has a dictionary included in the installer. I would guess that this is a very common scenario.

I think what you are seeing is just people expecting nothing to change from how OpenOffice.org did it. But if nothing would change, what would be the point with LibreOffice?

To many people in the above scenarios it should be seen as a *useful feature* that they don't have to separately download writing aids for each language they want to write in. (Assuming that language is one of the ones that have bundled writing aids.) After all, in other cases people are complaining loudly that they have to do a separate download and install of local on-disk help. So in that case separate downloads/installers for additional functionality is bad, but in the dictionary case good?


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