[Libreoffice] Error with some dokuments under Windows

Michael Florian Schönitzer ml at schoenitzer.de
Sun Jan 30 10:24:27 PST 2011

Hey, I have found a strange bug. I don't know where there is the right 
place, so I put it here.

I have an document written in MS Office 2007 (docx) witch can't be opened 
in SOME cases:
- Opening it in LibreOffice 3.3 (or OO.org 3.3 RC 9) under Linux
 => works well
- Opening it in OpenOffice 3.2 under Windows
 => works well
- Opening it in LibreOffice 3.3 under Windows, the window beeing maximized
 => Empty Document, LibreOffice behaves strange
- Opening it in LibreOffice 3.3 under Windows, not maximised
 => Document is showed right, when maximizing the window LibreOffice crashes

Opening it in Libre/OpenOffice under Linux and saving it as ".doc"
or as ODF don't change anything. The error still occurs.
Opening it in MS Office 2007 and exporting it to ODF or ".doc",
also didn't change anything.

I've testet it with two different windows-computers. (plus 1 linux PC)
The one PC has Windows XP, the other Windows 7. Both have LibreOffice 3.3 german.

I think this bug is quite strange and annoying. Hope it can be fixed.
I don't want to upload or mail around the file but I'd give it to a developer.

Best regards,
Michael Schönitzer

Michael F. Schönitzer
Mail: michael ät schoenitzer.de
Homepage: http://www.schoenitzer.de
Jabber: Schoenitzer at jabber.piratenpartei.de

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