[Libreoffice] Kicking off 3rdparty packages

Caolán McNamara caolanm at redhat.com
Mon Jan 31 06:38:56 PST 2011

On Mon, 2011-01-31 at 13:30 +0000, Michael Meeks wrote:
> and xml security foo - AFAIR the cert management
> stuff in moz really needs pushing down to NSS, or splitting out.

IIRC the real stuff that xmlsecurity needs is all in NSS, while the only
bit that xmlsecurity needs from MOZ is simply to *find* the mozilla
profile in order to locate the certificate database and I may already
have some ifdefs in there to do-the-right-thing and find it without
having to link to any moz libraries in order to do that. 


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