[Libreoffice] building index at Win32 install time ...

Steven Butler sebutler at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 11:53:01 PST 2011

> Does the existing indexing code use LibreOffice libraries? In that case it is best to keep it as a separate program which is always installed, and just have the custom action run it as a separate process (after putting the required directories into PATH so that the libraries the indexing program needs will be found).

I can answer this quickly.  The index code is now in git in
dictionaries/source/idxdict.cpp.  It is very simple and uses only STL
and libstdc++ (in my recollection).  It currently expects the
dictionary to come in on stdin, but this is easy to change to use two
arguments and open its own input file if need be.

Would it be simpler to ship the idxdict utility in the installer and
run it from a cmd window (visually unappealing but I've seen similar
on windows) :)

Hope that helps.

Steven Butler

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