[Libreoffice] Report [GSoC] [helpfiles]

Timo timo at iera.de
Wed Jun 1 10:28:59 PDT 2011

Hello everybody,

this is what I have done since the last report:
- Used HTML Help Compiler (HHC) to create a CHM-file.
- Implemented a bash script that installs HHC with wine. With this
script the HH-Compiler is platform independent. Bash and wine binaries
exist for many platforms.

These are the tasks for the future:
- Test the conversions to CHM with the real libreoffice help. That
computer will take long.
- Implement the conversion to html

At the moment I am stuck using mwlib to create docbook files. I can pass
the names of articles to mwlib´s executable. Those articles will be
converted. Either I need to find a quick way to select all articles or I
create an algorithm. The algorithm shall parse the xmldump and make a
list of all article names. At the moment I aim to search the mwlib code
and find a way.

Best wishes,


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