[Libreoffice] Need help to fix issue 75199

Jean-Baptiste Faure jbf.faure at orange.fr
Thu Jun 2 09:23:30 PDT 2011

Hi Kohei, all,

Well, despite the IBM/Oracle announce, I want to fix issue 75199 which
is present in LibreOffice too :
For that I need some help.

The error message is triggered at
It is easy to replace the string SCWARN_IMPORT_RANGE_OVERFLOW by
SCWARN_IMPORT_COLUMN_OVERFLOW but I do not know if it is the right
solution. Indeed it is not clear for me if, when the variable bOverflow
is set at true, we know if it is a problem with rows or with columns.
The name of the current string message suggests that we do not know.
In that case maybe the right solution is to modify the message itself
with a less precise content. Perhaps something like
"The maximum number of rows or columns has been exceeded. Excess rows
and columns were not imported!".

On the other hand in this issue there is never done mention of rows,
only columns. But it is easy to verify that if you try to import a file
with more than 1048576 rows, you get the same error message.

So what do you prefer to fix this bug?
because excess of column maybe is more probable. The most easy fix but
surely not the best.
2/ change the content of SCWARN_IMPORT_RANGE_OVERFLOW
3/ something else but what ?

Best regards

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