[Libreoffice] Proposal to join Apache OpenOffice

Jesús Corrius jesus at softcatala.org
Sat Jun 4 01:00:25 PDT 2011

> And finally, whether it would make any sense from the technical point of view for LibreOffice contributors to even try to participate in OOo at ASF depends very much on what actually ends up there, and in what direction it is taken by the presumed main driving force, IBM. For all we know, it might be that the code that is eventually dumped in ASF's SVN (!) is a subset that doesn't even build, and then IBM starts adding its own hitherto proprietary stuff including build mechanisms that makes it into a completely different beast than what we are used to. I suspect lots of Java is involved, and that is not necessarily that popular around here. As if understanding and using the "old" OOo build mechanisms which have been somewhat adapted at LO wasn't hard enough.

Good point, Tor. Is the source code available somewhere already?
I wouldn't join any Open Source project if I can't see the source code first :)

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