[Libreoffice] minutes of tech. steering call ...

Michael Meeks michael.meeks at novell.com
Thu Jun 9 07:55:32 PDT 2011

	+ Norbert, Caolan, Thorsten, Andras, Kendy, Mitch,
	  Bjoern, Michael, Christian, David, Kohei, Rainer

* AA complete:
        + 3.5 schedule sanity check - all good (Caolan)
        + post small, fast tab-cleanup C program for review ... (Norbert)
        + the rdb setup stuff is still too cumbersome (David for Bjoern)
	+ investigate extensions repo progress ... (Rainer)

* AA still pending:
        + provide current linux environment gio / glib / gtk+ etc.
          versions to Caolan (Fridrich)
        + looking into lighting up the update reminder service (Kendy)
        + chase licensing for misc. commits (Rene)
        + get SmartArt into master as an experimental feature (Thorsten)

* Agenda
	+ Action Items
	+ Extensions repo progress
		+ waiting for server space - getting it over the
		  next few days Andreas Mantke doing a great job
AA:		+ see if we can get Andreas Mantke to the call next week (Michael)
	+ Releng bits (Petr)
		+ 3.3.3 release RC1 / status
			+ on schedule, no new fixes post RC1
		+ 3.4.1 status / roundup
			+ deadline for RC1 commits is Monday
			+ some of the most annoyings bugs going well
AA:			+ Petr to bump up priority of most serious issues
	+ news / notices etc. (Norbert)
	+ merging / re-basing impact
		+ gnumake4 merge by Bjoern
		+ clean commits with authorship key
	+ QA update / most annoying bug skim (Rainer)
		+ assigning more most annoying bugs (?)
		+ untouched bug count +150 in last six weeks
		+ too few volunteers to confirm bugs
		+ javascript bug filing flow progress ?
			+ snapshot on mailing list to be continued
	+ continue Lanedo' list of things that suck (Mitch)
		+ too much extension documentation
			+ but hard to find a starting point
			+ not task focused eg. "how to add a menu"
	+ Easy Hacks:
AA:		+ will fixing things up (Bjoern)
	+ discussion concerning discussion concerning
          future of our bug tracking System (Rainer)

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